Site update: keyword filtering added

I’ve just pushed out the visible part of the biggest change I’ve made to the site since I originally released last November. You can now filter the jobs by keyword (Java, Ruby, etc) and sign up to an email for just the skills and location you want. Whether that’s Ruby jobs in Sydney, Java jobs in London or iOS developer jobs in New York. This also carries through to the emails so should really cut down the noise at some locations where finding the 5 jobs you care about could be a bit of a pain.

I’m pretty pleased with this. It’s taken a fair old while to put together and although the backend for it has been running for a few weeks, because of some issues I’d not switched on the front end. The main problem with doing this originally was that there wasn’t enough data in enough tweets to reliably filter them. For example can I assume a ‘Frontend developer’ means JavaScript? How about a ‘web developer’ you can develop internets almost as many ways as you can skin a cat. This means scraping the pages linked in any tweets and extracting keywords from them. Which in turn means a bunch of other steps need to be handled as well. Whilst there are improvements to be made I think I’ve got a good first stab at it. I’m sure this would be about a weeks worth of work if you were on it full-time, but when it’s a side project a weeks worth of work can take a long while to accumulate.

For now that completes the work I really wanted to get done on the developers looking for work side of things. There are a number of improvements, specifically from the NLP course I took earlier this year for example. I’m going to take stock and work out what the next steps are. I’ve a few ideas for things I’d like to do with the data and I’d like to get the featured listings implemented soon. I’d also like to improve the filtering to allow people to choose their search terms rather than stick with my list of skills.

Any ideas on what should be my priority next, let me know.

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